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VEGAN FRIENDLY – Veganism is on the rise, and with good reason.  Not only can it be good for your health, but for the planet as well.  All of our products are vegan, and never tested on animals.

NO GLUTEN – The good news is that magnesium is naturally gluten-free.  The great news is that we manufacture in a facility that takes extra precautions to ensure that our products are not contaminated with even a trace of gluten.

ALLERGEN FREE – Our products are free from all of the most common allergens, including dairy, yeast, soy and shellfish to name a few.  This means that you can rest easy when consuming our magnesium supplements, knowing that your body should be able to handle our pure and natural product with ease.

NO PRESERVATIVES – We believe in bringing you an all-natural product with no preservatives.  This means closely monitoring the pH level and humidity of our products when manufacturing to ensure that they stay fresh from beginning to end.  This is not always an easy task, but if you have tried our MAG365 ionic magnesium powder, you know that we’ve done a great job, if we may say so ourselves.

NO ADDITIVES – Many products contain additives and fillers to make manufacturing easier.  These can range from relatively harmless to downright questionable.  For instance, rice bran is generally considered safe but rice is often found to be high in arsenic and other heavy metal toxins.  More alarming is the magnesium stearate that many companies use to lubricate, as it allows machinery to run smoother and faster.  Is not a source of magnesium, but has been brought under fire recently as it has been linked to the suppresion of T-cells, as well as encouraging your body to form a biofilm which can inhibit absorption of nutrients. 

Instead of using these or other potentially harmful substances in our PrizMAG capsules, we have chosen to take the hard route when it comes to manufacturing so that we can ensure we are giving our customers nothing but pure, high quality supplements.  This means higher production costs, but we are committed to absorbing these costs ourselves rather than passing them on to our consumers.

NO GELATIN OR PLASTICS – When creating PrizMAG, our highly absorbable magnesium bisglycinate supplement, we needed to encase it in a capsule.  However, we didn’t like the options presented to us.  Gelatin is Generally Recognized as Safe, but it went against our vegan ethos.  Hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose – more commonly referred to as HPMC – was a vegan alternative, but when we delved further, it became apparent that is was a form of plastic, which nobody wants to ingest.  A recent study showed that all test subjects had plastic in our stool, and we didn’t want to contribute to that alarming statistic.  We were happy to have discovered pullulan, a starch-free vegan alternative that is made from tapioca that is naturally fermented.

NO ADDED SUGAR OR CHEMICAL SWEETENERS – The downfalls of sugar are widely known, but lesser known is the fact that many alternative sweeteners are derived of chemical compounds that may contribute to brain tumours, alzheimers, and other alarming issues.  We sweeten our products with steviol glycocides, which is the fancy name for stevia, a plant based zero calorie sweetener alternative that doesn’t raise your insulin levels like most sugars and sweetener alternatives.  On top of that, it may help promote healthy weight, strenghten your bones, regulate blood pressure and promote oral health, according to research and studies.

NO COLOURS – Colours can be eye-catching, but dye never has a place in a health supplement in our opinion. 

HALAL AND KOSHER – All of our MAG365 products are certified Halal, and our non-flavoured products are Kosher.  We are working on certifying all products. 

ECO-CONSCIOUS PACKAGING – It may not seem it at first glance, but plastic isn’t always the enemy that the media makes it out to be.  Our FAQ has some good information on why we have chosen to use HDPE Plastic for our products.



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