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Buy Magnesium Supplements OnlineHow to know when you should buy a magnesium supplement

Wondering whether you should buy a magnesium supplement? In this article, we will help you determine whether you, like most other people, are magnesium deficient.

Magnesium is pivotal in approximately 350 chemical processes in the body, ranging from transmitting nerve impulses to regulating hormones, activating enzymes and balancing the mineral levels in your body. Magnesium is also important in releasing energy in the body cells.

The reason why around 80% of people are mineral deficient, is that many factors cause us to be unable to obtain sufficient minerals from our food.

Over farming, along with modern food preparation methods strip the nutrients from crops and many people favor fast foods instead. Nutritious food takes time to grow and can be expensive to sell, but commercial mass production, refinement and processing significantly reduce the levels of nutrition in our food. Rice polishing for example causes the grain to lose 83% of its magnesium content, while mass production of grains causes it to lose 70% of the magnesium content.

Buy Magnesium Supplements If Deficiency Risk Factors Apply to You

Magnesium deficiency develops slowly over time, and by the time you display symptoms, you will probably already be moderately deficient. When you present the symptoms of deficiency to your doctor, you may be treated with pharmaceuticals, because doctors only spend a few months of their studies on nutrition. Unfortunately, conventional medication can actually further deplete your magnesium stores, leading to dangerous deficiency levels.

Magnesium deficiency symptoms include fatigue, muscle cramps and spasms, Raynaud's Syndrome, irregular heartbeat, blood clots, diabetes, sleep disorders, asthma, cystitis, weak bones, tooth decay, bowel disorders, kidney stones, liver disease, heightened sensory sensitivity, nervousness, depression, heavy metal toxicity, musculoskeletal conditions, PMS, and many more.

Little can be done about factors beyond our control, but if you follow a balanced diet and buy magnesium supplements, you can improve your health and ward off magnesium deficiency symptoms that may affect your quality of life.

Magnesium deficiency risk factors include:

  • Insufficient magnesium consumption
  • Malabsorption caused by stomach problems, cirrhosis, or kidney problems
  • Endocrine problems
  • Reliance of Medications to Offset
  • or pregnancy issues.

Likewise, any diet that is not strictly organic with plenty of leafy greens and whole grains, puts you at risk to become one of the 80% of people who are magnesium deficient. Invest in your good health and maintain your quality of health. Buy a magnesium supplement today!

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