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For me, this is the no.1 magnesium product in the uk, it without doubt reduces my anxiety symptoms, gives me more energy for my workouts, and also I sleep way better than I used to. It is very clean, no fillers or mag oxide, and just does what it says on the tin!! great product

- Matt B

I have been on MAG365 for 6 weeks now and am sleeping so much better.

- Margaret S

I am 80 years of age and have been taking Mag 365 for the last four years, before doing so I researched it on the internet and an imminent Cardio Vascular Surgeon said it was vital for a healthy heart. Day to day I feel many benefits including sharpness of mind, better sleeping and less aches and pains . I would recommend this to anyone

- David

I'm already feeling a lot better taking magnesium and it's only been a few days now since I started.

- Colm O

Super easy to use. Tastes great and helps reduce muscle cramping during my netball games.

- Helen K

I've been on this supplement for years. It's made such a difference to my anxiety and sleep. I was told to take magnesium but it wasn't working for me. It turns out that's just because I wasn't taking a quality supplement. MAG365 fits the bill perfectly.

- Curtis

Fantastic product, easy to use, it works really fast, already after 20 minutes, I feel my muscles relaxed. Great after exercise, I usually mix it in my water bottle and drink it during the day.

- Valerio

I started taking mag365 recently and my injured leg has improved so much and my sleep ⬆️ I had been an insomnia and now I sleep 8-9hrs unless I'm very stressed.



I have never found another product like this, that combines magnesium with D and K which are both important for magnesium to assimilate in the body. The other vitamins are an added bonus. I put it in my large water bottle with some lemon and sip it during the day for some flavoured water and an all-day mineral boost.

-Christine M

Selling it in my shop and its brilliant for women with the added benefits of Zinc, K2, D3 and more. I get repeat business which means, customers loves it.


I use to take a multi-vitamin and mineral in tablet form and never felt any effect, this BF formula is genius, its powdered form makes it so easy to put into my drinking water throughout the day. My anxiety has gone, my hormones are well regulated and I generally have more energy. I can feel confident that what I am putting in my body is safe as there is no fillers or chemicals, just 100% goodness!!! Would recommend to anyone!


This was recommended to me by a friend for my insomnia, I have taken it every evening for a week and by the 3rd day my sleep had really improved. After around an hour I have dropped off and slept through until morning. My joints have also improved.

-Jo B

Thank you for your wonderful Mag365 products. As a nutritional therapist I have been looking for low Calcium or no Calcium products that I can confidently recommend - not least as an alternative for women who have been prescribed high dose Calcium Carbonate for bone health. I am impressed with the combination of nutrients you have included in your formulas.
The benefit of your BF product is that it contains an excellent balance of nutrients for bone health, rather than clients having to purchase a whole list of individual supplements.

-Emma C

MAG365 BF plus Calcium

My bone density scan went up after being on this product. overall i'm really happy with it. I like to mask the flavour with tea as on its own it's not my favourite. It's not bad, it's just not great. but it's got alot of good stuff in it which is more important in my opinion. I've had their flavoured ones which i really like but they don't have flavours in the one with calcium.


I was suffering with terrible muscle cramps with dysmenorrhea . After taking the mag365 I found my cramps weren't bad at all but also my digestion was so much better. The mag 365 really helped me with pms and I had tried other magnesium before that didn't help half as much . So thankful

-Paul G

MAG365 Kids

This passed the kid test which means it's brilliant in my books. We add it to juice and they don't even notice it's in there. My son's sleeping and focus has gotten much better since being on it. My daughter was pretty even to begin with so not much difference to report there.


Since starting the supplement my son who has autism is much calmer, happier and interactive. I really cant believe I have found the perfect supplement for him :) I was always looking for a mag, zinc, b6 combo that didn't include excessive doses of the RDA as most multivitamins tailored to autistic children do. This one is just perfect. It also has the added benefit of vitamin c and d. I'm so beyond happy.

Also will I most likely see more positive changes as the weeks go by as he has only been on it for a few days but the changes are so clear to me already.

It's just so nice to finally find something that works for him - his self-stimulatory behaviour has reduced and he is more present with us which is amazing. I also feel very happy to know he is getting the main key nutrients needed for optimal neurobalance

-Miela B.


I love this product. It really helps me get a full and rested night's sleep. I take this at night and MAG365 BF in the morning and love having both work together to fulfill all my magnesium needs.

-L. M.

Prizmag is my go-to for a good night's sleep. If i take it before bed, I sleep through right until morning and wake up refreshed. It is the best magnesium supplement I've found so far.

- John M.

Literally can't sleep without my PrizMAG. I'm not very good with routine, but I faithfully take this every night because I know my sleep will suffer if I don't. Would highly recommend this product - best I've had.

-Robyn T

I have been taking Mag365 BF for the past few months to improve my bone density and it also helped me sleep better. I recently started on PrizMag at night just before bed with Mag365 in the morning. Prizmag is even better for longer deeper sleep. I have a much better quality of life now.

-Margaret S.

I've always had difficulty sleeping and have tried several magnesium supplements on the market but nothing seemed to help, or else my bowels couldn't tolerate them. I was told to try a magnesium bisglycinate and came across Prizmag so decided to give it a try. I noticed a difference even in the first night. I had a much more restful sleep and had much more energy the next day. If I ever forget to take it before bed, I pay the price with poor sleep. Very happy I decided to give this product a try! I also love how pure the ingredients are!

-Meaghan L.


Excellent product, haven't seen this combination before, particularly love this form of magnesium is super gentle on my bowels and helps me sleep like a baby!
It also contains VitD and VitK so I don't have to take them separately to protect my bones etc., and it's made in Ireland!


Prizmag plus is my favourite magnesium product on the market, the benefits I feel from taking this daily are fantastic. The combination of Vit D & K are exactly what I need. I sleep better, I'm less bloated, and stress levels are practically non existent. It's the one supplement in my cupboard that I make sure I do not run out of. Im always recommending Prizmag Plus to my friends. Thank you for making such a great combination, Id be lost without you.

-Tanya M.

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